NFL Players Should Just Stop Smoking Marijuana to Avoid Suspensions

By Timothy Downs
Getty Images

Puff, puff, give…..away your career?

Recently, Cleveland Browns‘ WR Josh Gordon was officially suspended for the entire 2014 campaign for violating the NFL‘s substance abuse policy stemming from a positive marijuana test. Gordon was set to make $1.39 million this season, of which he forfeits every single dime. For $1.39 million in lost salary, plus whatever he paid for his bag, it could have been the most amazing ‘cigada’ on planet Earth and still couldn’t have been worth it, even for a second.

Recently two Pittsburgh Steelers‘ running backs, LeGarrette Blount and Le’Veon Bell, were arrested for marijuana possession, with Bell getting an additional citation for driving under the influence of the substance. It seems a standout NFL athlete is busted every season for the same silly mistake, and the consequences grow far more dire each time.

Arguments can be had until the cows come home over whether or not pot should be legal, or if it is less harmful than alcohol. But they are simply irrelevant because it is illegal (in almost every state) currently, no matter how harmless of an offense it is.

There are plenty of products you can find at the local head-shop to mask a positive marijuana result and pass a drug test, but when you are making that much money, and have everything to lose — why risk it?  The easiest way for the players to avoid getting that dreaded (212) area code call from commissioner Roger Goodell is probably to just avoid smoking all together until they are no longer employees of the league.

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