Peyton Manning Has Perfect Response To Pocket Change NFL Fine

By RantSports Staff
Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning
Getty Images

The NFL isn’t the most consistent league when it comes to fines and punishments. The rulings handed down are just flat out head-scratching at times. When it comes to Peyton Manning, he’s not normally a guy you associate with fines. But believe it or not, the league’s best QB has been slapped with a penalty for his conduct in Week 3 of the preseason.

That reaming of D.J. Swearinger, which resulted in a 15-yard taunting penalty at the time, has now cost Manning a whopping $8,258. That’s right, $8,258.

When asked about the fine, Manning responded in classic fashion: “I accept the fine. It’s money well spent.”

If you’re a Denver Broncos fan, it’s definitely money well spent. Swearinger’s hit on Wes Welker, which is what angered Manning in the first place, was borderline uncalled for. While he didn’t lead with his helmet, you can argue that force he used on Welker was unnecessary for a preseason game.

Welker’s season and career are now in question, which is obviously an upsetting thought to Peyton.

But the real question here: how long does Peyton Manning have to be awake to make $8,258? 30 seconds? One minute?

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