Sammy Watkins Walking Off Field Not A Good Sign For Buffalo Bills Fans

By Kareem Gantt
Sammy Watkins
Getty Images

Sammy Watkins is the guy that is supposed to bring joy and excitement back to the Buffalo Bills. But on Thursday night, Bills fans saw their potential franchise wide receiver walking in pain towards the locker room.

Watkins left the Bills’ preaseason game against the Detroit Lions after he was struck on his side during the first quarter. It was only the Bills’ second offensive possession of the game, but it was one that many Bills fans pray will not be Watkins’ last.

It’s kind of hard to put in words how much Watkins means to the Bills’ offensive attack. Watkins is not only a gifted receiver, but he can also bully his way to get the football, a trait that attracted the Bills front office.

However, his ribs have become a great concern. This is the second time this preseason that Watkins has had a problem with his ribs. He was held out of last Saturday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because of bruised ribs.

So you can imagine the concerns that Bills fans are having right now after seeing Watkins head back into the Bills locker room holding those same bruised ribs. I hope this injury is not serious, because Watkins could become one of the league’s next great receivers.

The rib issues must be dealt with, though. Or we could be talking about Watkins’ potential being wasted instead of being realized.

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