Theories On Why The New York Jets Haven't Yet Cut CB Dimitri Patterson

By Sabrina Robinson
New York Jets CB Dimitri Patterson
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This crazy story about New York Jets CB Dimitri Patterson has truly cast a shadow over the Jets organization. No one really cares about their last preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles or their roster cuts or their regular season chances. Everyone is gossiping about Patterson’s mysterious disappearance over last weekend and why he should be cut from the roster immediately, “indefinite suspension” or not (and by “indefinite”, they mean only until preseason is over).

But there seems to be a method behind the Jets’ madness. There must be some reason why the team isn’t getting rid of this guy after he was so disrespectful to the organization, his teammates and even the league. So here are my two guesses:

1. The Jets know they can’t afford to lose Patterson. Another top Jets story this preseason is how weak the secondary is. Despite the team’s best efforts to build up this group with solid draft picks, the injury bug has dealt the team a poor hand. Patterson may be a injury-prone, slacker CB, but the Jets may need him after preseason is over, especially if CB Dee Milliner is still out with a high ankle sprain.

2. The Jets like the attention. Yep, I said it. The Jets maybe just want the attention. This isn’t a stretch really. Ever since head coach Rex Ryan took over and QB Tim Tebow was acquired, it seems like the Jets are in the headlines for reasons besides their playing performance. This situation could simply be a silly stunt, but I hope I’m wrong. Since missing the playoffs two seasons in a row, the Jets have been more about walking the walk than talking the talk, so my first reason is more likely.

Whatever the reason, the Jets needs to put an end to it. Even though Patterson may be a sometimes able-bodied CB and the Jets desperately need one of those, they can’t disrespect the other players by keeping an unreliable player on the roster. Again, and I hope this is the last time I need to say this, but Patterson needs to be cut.

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