Chicago Bears Safety Ryan Mundy Rightfully Considering a Suit Against Schutt Equipment

By Mike Cuddy
Ryan Mundy
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After the Seattle Seahawks dismantled the Chicago Bears in their third preseason game last week, there was not much for Bears fans to be happy about. One of those few bright spots was the play of safety Ryan Mundy prior to him leaving the game with a laceration on his forehead. While the play looked routine enough, it was hardly a hard enough hit for Mundy to sustain a cut large enough to require 16 stitches. Today Mundy offered some insight into just how that injury came about.

According to Mundy, his Schutt made helmet had a sharp edge on the inside which caused the cut to his forehead when Mundy collided with Seahawks  fullback Derrick Coleman. Now it originally sounded as though something may have just been amiss with Mundy’s helmet, though according to Mundy there were multiple Schutt helmets worn by Bears players with the same issue.

According to Mundy, a Schutt representative was allegedly sent to the Bears’ facilities to install a protective pad over the same sharp area for multiple other players who were using Schutt helmets, after Mundy received 16 stitches as a result of his cut. If this is indeed the case, the Bears may have dodged a bullet by only having one player sustain an injury. Mundy has not been able to wear a helmet since the injury occurred, though he is expected back for their Week 1 matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Had multiple players received similar cuts on their heads as a result of issues with their helmets, Schutt could have had big issue on their hands, especially if any players missed significant playing time as a result of the injuries.

Mundy stated that he is still looking into what kind of legal action he could take against Schutt Sports, if any, and that from this point on he will be sporting a helmet made by Riddell.

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