New York Jets Can Play Aggressive, but Need to Avoid Penalties in 2014

By Vinny Lanni
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One thing I noticed about the New York Jets during the preseason was that the field they played on was covered in yellow flags. Over the course of the preseason, Jets penalties and yard totals from week to week were as follows: 9-59, 12-133, 10-79, 6-45.

For a team that has many injuries as it does, they need to play the field position battle to win games.

I get the Jets style of football is aggressive and hard-nosed, but that doesn’t mean that there is an allowance for bonehead plays. Many of the Jets called penalties during the preseason were false starts and offsides. Those type of penalties are mental and easy to control — all it comes down to is discipline.

Ever since Rex Ryan took over as head coach, he’s instilled  a new confident style of football and I’m a fan of his new system. One thing I’m not a fan of is his trash talk because it has a trickle-down effect to his players on the field.

Extra trash talk means extra aggression, and if it’s not controlled properly it could lead to penalties.

I know, I know, every team looks to avoid penalties, but this Jets squad can’t give up an extra yard. Right now its offense isn’t talented enough to give up field possession and downs. If this was Aaron Rodgers and the Green Pay Packers they would have a little more wiggle room, but the Jets don’t have a high-powered offense like that, not yet.

In the 2014, I hope for a field free of yellow flags and more success for the Jets.

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