Without Jerome Simpson, Minnesota Vikings Need Jarius Wright To Step Up

By Andrew Fisher
Jerome Simpson
USA Today Sports

Although it didn’t really feel like it, Jarius Wright improved in his second season. After a strong finish to his rookie campaign, some predicted that Wright would grow by leaps and bounds in his sophomore season. While he did find the end zone on one more occasion and rack up another 124 yards through the air, he didn’t really break out.

But if there were ever a time for Wright to break out, it would be now. Jerome Simpson has been suspended for three games by the NFL for a DUI-related issue. Long story short, Simpson is yet again banned for not behaving, and Wright has a huge opportunity.

The third-year pass-catcher out of Arkansas now pencils into the No. 3 WR spot in the Vikings’ offense, and given the array of weapons around him, you’d think he’ll get quite a few open looks to start the season. Not only do defenses still have to contend with an in-prime Adrian Peterson, they also have deal with proven veteran Greg Jennings, rising star TE Kyle Rudolph and potential breakout player of the year, Cordarrelle Patterson.

This is not the 2012 Vikings offense. That team somehow managed to sneak into the postseason with very limited weapons on offense, so with Norv Tuner now leading this talented group, who knows what heights the Minnesota offense can reach?

Wright has much to prove in his third NFL season. He says he’s ready for a breakout season and that his confidence is at an all-time high. That’s great. But now it’s time to really go out and get it done on Sundays. Best case scenario for the Vikings — Simpson barely gets his job back because Wright is doing so well by week four.

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