Marshawn Lynch Will Engage Beast Mode for Seattle Seahawks in 2014

By Tyson Sweet
Marshawn Lynch
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There has been some questions as to whether or not Marshawn Lynch will see less carries in the 2014 season. Spoiler alert: yes he will. But should you be worried? The answer is not even a little bit.

The Seattle Seahawks may give Lynch a lighter workload during the regular season, but that is because those carries will be disbursed into the hands of Percy Harvin, Robert Turbin, and Christine Michael – that should excite you!

We are all familiar with Turbin taking over at running back while Lynch gets some rest, and we surely all know by now that Harvin and Michael offer big play opportunity. Lynch was clearly the biggest part of our offense last season, and he is going to continue to be a big part of our offense this year, too. However, giving Lynch less of a workload will benefit both him, and the Seahawks’ offense.

Lynch is the running back that wears defenses down. You know the drill – defenders try to tackle him, but Beast Mode keeps beastin’ – only this year Lynch will have fresher legs throughout the season! Taking some handoffs away from Lynch will benefit him, both this season, and over the course of his career (however long he wants that to be). Plus, as Lynch wears the defenses down, they will then have to contend with the speed of Harvin and Michael, unlike last season. Not to mention Russell Wilson, who appears to have somehow taken another big step forward in his development. Providing Lynch with less is like a domino effects that causes opposing defenses to deal with even more.

Keep in mind that even though Lynch will see less carries, it will not be a significant amount. Lynch got 301 carries last season and ran for 1256-yards, 12-TDs. The year before, Lynch received 315 carries, 1590-yards, 11-TDs. Some of the decrease in yards can surely be contributed to the offensive line, but I think it is fair to assume that maybe Lynch was a little worn out.

Don’t get me wrong – Beast Mode was awesome last season, but I think the 2014 season will be even better! I predict that Lynch will receive somewhere around 270 carries, but surpass the 1256-yards mark he set last season. The Seahawks will still feed the beast in the red zone, so the touchdowns opportunities will still be there.

I project Lynch to receive about 270 carries, and run for 1350-yards and 11 TDs. He will also catch the ball 22 times for 190 yards, and 2 TDs, because why not!

Are you excited for the Green Bay Packers yet?

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