Dallas Cowboys Should Swoop In and Sign Michael Sam

By Kareem Gantt
Michael Sam, Dallas Cowboys
Getty Images

Michael Sam should not have been cut. Sam should be on the St. Louis Rams‘ final 53-man roster. If you saw the same preseason games I saw, then you will agree with me.

But unfortunately, the Rams did not see it that way. Sam was officially cut by the Rams on Saturday, cutting deep into the hearts of those who were rooting for him to succeed. Sam displayed an uncanny knack for getting to the quarterback and the ball carrier, and he showed the rest of the football world that he can indeed play defensive lineman.

But all may not be lost for Sam. There is a team that is in desperate need for defensive help. That team is the Dallas Cowboys.

To put it kindly, the Cowboys defense is in ruin. Their defensive linemen are spare parts, and the secondary, which was supposed to be the anchor for Dallas’ horrid defense, is decimated by injuries and suspensions.

Sam has proven that he can be an impact player in the NFL, and it would be foolish for the Cowboys to not swoop in and bring Sam to Texas. Sam would immediately be the anchor that the Cowboys sorely needed, and he could even develop into another DeMarcus Ware.

Don’t laugh, he could.

Thanks to his awesome preseason, Sam is not going to be without a job. But if he wants the playing time and the chance to succeed in the NFL, the best place to do it is in Dallas. Because God knows the Cowboys need all the defensive help they can get.

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