Josh Johnson is Great Back-Up For San Francisco 49ers

By Kareem Gantt
Josh Johnson, San Francisco 49ers
Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers are becoming the NFL equivalent of the Brooklyn Nets, a team filled with promise, but can never step up in the big moments.

With the Seattle Seahawks officially running the tables in the NFC West, and the 49ers offensive sputtering on offensive, the Niners needed some talent that can keep up with the top dogs in the NFC in case Colin Kapernick goes down or regresses.

Josh Johnson is a good back-up quarterback that can step in and help out the offense in case their star quarterback goes down or takes a swoon in his game. Johnson has a 110.8 passer rating this preseason, which was far better than Kapernick’s rating.

Now, you may say that that is just the preseason and it may not matter, but if Kapernick takes a dip this season, than Johnson will be more than capable of stepping in and running the teams offense.

Johnson is an upgrade over Blaine Gabbert, who finished with a 54 passer rating, pretty much playing the same way he played with the Jacksonville Jaguars. With Johnson playing at such a high level, he was virtually a lock to make the team.

So now, the Niners will carry three QB’s into the 2014 season, a season which presents a lot more uncertainty than in years past. Johnson has the potential to become the next Kapernick, and Colin should be playing at a high level to make sure that his job is not in jeopardy.

Whatever the case, the Niners made the right decision by keeping Johnson.

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