Kyle Orton Does No Favors For Buffalo Bills' Future

By Kareem Gantt
Kyle Orton
Getty Images

When Kyle Orton mysteriously went missing from the Dallas Cowboys, all sorts of thoughts raced through my mind. Was he dead? Was he locked up in a Mexican prison? Did he dislike Jerry Jones so much that he just skipped town without even leaving a thank you note?

Well, as it turns out, Orton really did not want to be a Cowboy. So he went to a team where he is a probably guaranteed to get playing time — the Buffalo Bills.

I say that because their No. 1 quarterback, E.J. Manuel, is having the type of preseason that is making Bills fans nervous about the future. His offense was even booted off the field during practice because it was so bad.

So, Bills management had to find a quarterback that they could turn to in case Manuel does not improve. Enter Orton, who showed in the Cowboys’ last game of the season that he still has a good arm and gas left in the tank. Is he starting QB material now? No. He really wasn’t starting QB material when he was with the Denver Broncos, but he is a great QB to have when a team gets in a pinch, and judging from Emanuel’s sordid preseason, they might need Orton sooner rather than later.

So congratulations Bills fans. Your future is really not looking so bright after all. And in a town that hasn’t seen the playoffs in 15 years and counting, I really think they could care less about the future.

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