Oakland Raiders' Season Reliant On Uncertain Quarterback Position

By John Leahy
Oakland Raiders' Quarterback Derek Carr
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know by now, there is still ongoing uncertainty at the quarterback position for the Oakland Raiders. Following the signing of Matt Schaub in the offseason, it seemed like a mortal lock that he would be under center come Week 1.

Despite the drafting of hyped rookie Derek Carr, the position was still Schaub’s for the taking. Now with the end of the preseason and the final cut deadline come and gone, there is a looming uncertainty in terms of what direction the team wants to go at the position and in general. In general, because everyone has seen what happens if you rush a guy into the league too early (to note a few recents: Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, Sam Bradford). If Carr isn’t ready, it could not only be detrimental to Carr’s development, but also to the state of the team for this season and for the future.

Regardless if Schaub is healthy enough or not to go, as long as there continues to be no announcement for Week 1’s starter, there is a feeling of instability and a potential for dysfunction (unhappy receivers being one). With such a short amount of time to go until the team’s first game, Dennis Allen and the staff need to make a decision, and they need to do it sooner rather than later.

While each quarterback has had their fair share of highs and lows this offseason/preseason, I don’t see one or the other stepping in and making that much more of a drastic difference than the last guy. However, Schaub is vanilla ice cream at this point and McGloin sounds like a bizarre item you’d order off a McDonald’s menu. Go with the rookie, take the risk. There’s really not much to lose at this point. Best case scenario: Carr thrives, develops and you have the next best thing since Sir Richard Gannon. Worst case scenario: you screw with his head, stunt his development and ruin his career.  It could be worse.

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