Claiming Case Keenum Is A Savvy Move By St. Louis Rams

By Timothy Downs
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Perhaps the St. Louis Rams are not quite as convinced that Shaun Hill is their quarterback as they have indicated, as they have claimed the recently-released Case Keenum.

St. Louis was undoubtedly crushed after Sam Bradford tore his ACL in Week 3 of the preseason against the Cleveland Browns. 2014 was supposed to be the season that St. Louis started to finally move from a roster with a ton of talent to a cohesive unit that would compete for playoff spot. The Rams still have a ton of talent, and signing a gunslinger like Keenum could be what a team with a fantastic defense and solid running game needs in the long run.

Hill, who will still start the season under center for the Rams, cannot be feeling overly confident that the job is his for the season, as fans and media alike will all be clamoring for either Austin Davis or the newly-acquired Keenum at Hill’s first signs of poor play.

Keenum got off to a solid start for the Houston Texans last season after taking over for an injured and ineffective Matt Schaub, and despite a few rough outings, he actually had a halfway decent eight games from a statistical standpoint. He put up 1,760 yards with nine TDs to six interceptions, but the team did not win a game with Keenum, and finished the season at 2-14.

Keenum had a stellar college career for the Houston Cougars, and undoubtedly deserves another chance to start games in the NFL. He’s only played eight games over his first two seasons, which is hardly a large enough sample size to write him off.

Perhaps the Rams will catch lighting in a bottle (and a break for a change) and Keenum will indeed be what they need. It wouldn’t shock me to see him starting by Week 4, but I wouldn’t bet on it either.

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