Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Michael Sam Signing Coming Soon?

By RantSports Staff
Michael Sam
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not a matter of if Michael Sam will find a new NFL team, it’s a matter of which team and when. All PR reasons aside, Sam has proven himself worthy of at least a practice squad job with his strong showing in the preseason.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Dallas Cowboys are serious about making a move for the first openly gay player in league history:

So while this is not an official roster spot offer like Sam would prefer, it is a potential job offer. He didn’t have interest in joining the Rams’ practice squad, but his tune may change if other roster spot offers don’t start rolling in soon.

With most other teams there wouldn’t be a question of whether Sam was wanted for his possible on-field contributions. But with Jerry Jones and Cowboys, you have to wonder if there’s more at play. Jerry is still upset about missing out on Johnny Manziel, so maybe landing Sam (and all the press that will go along with him) will make him feel better?

At the same time, will Sam want to join Jerry’s circus in Big D? Will he hold out for a team that better fits his needs, or will he jump at a chance to play for America’s most popular team?


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