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Wes Welker Suspended 4 Games For Amphetamines; Extra Rest Is Good For WR

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Wes Welker

Kelley L. Cox- USA TODAY Sports

In the surprising NFL news of the day, Denver Broncos WR Wes Welker has been suspended for four games.

It’s probably fair to say that no one saw this coming.

For most teams, this would be a devastating blow. But not for the Broncos. They’ve got enough talent to go around to make up for the loss of No. 83, who penciled in as their third wide out.

At the same time, this suspension could be a blessing in disguise for Welker. First off, if he does have some sort of issue with amphetamines, he can address it. Secondly, if he doesn’t have a substance abuse issue, this four-game break is probably the best thing that could have happened to his head. After three concussions in less than a year, some extra time on the shelf certainly won’t make him feel any worse.


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