Philadelphia Eagles: Donovan McNabb's Comments On Nick Foles Are Absolutely Wrong

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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It seems like Donovan McNabb has a chip on his shoulder about his old team lately. The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has spouted off once again about Nick Foles.

McNabb questioned whether or not Foles is a true franchise quarterback because he can’t really be a dual-threat athlete. Clearly, he wasn’t paying too much attention to the monster season Foles put up last year when he threw for 27 touchdowns and only two picks. Those stats are unheard of for someone who was considered to be only a backup quarterback.

Maybe McNabb is not over the fact that the Eagles decided to trade him because he wasn’t the quarterback they wanted. Sometimes that can leave one bitter towards a former employer.

Foles actually has all the qualities needed to be a true franchise quarterback. He will only get better with time; not only does he have the support of his teammates, but he has already delivered in the most clutch of situations. Sure, he might not be the fastest quarterback, but Foles still gets the job done. He’s a pure pocket passer and has all the abilities to run the Eagles’ high-octane offense without any difficulties.

In the end, McNabb only comes off as a bitter analyst who is taking cheap shots against his old team to cause some controversy and keep his name relevant. The truth is that he’s probably just jealous and a bit worried that if Foles continues playing as well as he did last year, he will eventually shatter a few of the franchise records that McNabb currently holds.

Talk about being even more bitter, eh?

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