It's Alshon Jeffery, NOT Jefferies!

By Bill Zimmerman
Alshon Jeffery Chicago Bears
Dennis Wierzbicki- USA TODAY Sports

Alshon Jeffery has made a name for himself. His breakout 2013 season included two games with over 200 yards receiving, almost 1500 yards for the season and seven touchdowns. All that success earned him a trip to the Pro Bowl. With him, Brandon Marshall, and Santonio Holmes, the Chicago Bears have a great receiving core, but apparently they have another great receiver we haven’t been discussing.

NFL Network’s Kurt Warner says that Alshon Jefferies is poised to have another huge year for the Bears. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith thinks Alshon Jefferies is an explosive receiver. Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver in the history of the league, and he loves how Alshon Jefferies plays. ESPN’s John Clayton also speaks highly of Alshon Jefferies. Jon Gruden is one of the best analysts in the NFL, and he thinks Alshon Jefferies is going to improve even more in 2014.

With Jeffery, Marshall, Holmes and Jefferies, who could possibly stop the Bears? And what are the odds they would have two players named Alshon? Unless, of course, Alshon Jefferies and Alshon Jeffery are the same person? How could all these pundits who know the NFL like the back of their hands be wrong?

Jeffery is entering his third year in the league and yet no one seems to know his name. This isn’t TJ Houshmandzadeh. Its Alshon Jeffery. The name isn’t hard. It’s not plural; it’s singular. Now that Jeffery has become one of the top ten receivers in the NFL can we finally start calling him by the right name?

Maybe someone should sit down Curt Warner, Steven A. Smythe, Jon Clayton, Gerry Rice, and John Gruden and let them know it’s very agitating when you get a name wrong.

If they didn’t realize that, maybe they should ask Alshon Jeffery.

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