New York Giants Need Ndamukong Suh More Than New York Jets

By Andrew Fisher
Ndamukong Suh
USA Today Sports

The word is already out, and we’re only in Week 4 of the NFL season. Ndamukong Suh reportedly wants to leave Detroit and sign with either the New York Giants or New York Jets as a free agent next summer.

Why? Supposedly, the DT doesn’t want to settle down in the Motor City, and he’s seeking to improve his brand by playing in a huge market like the Big Apple.

At this point no one knows which team he’s leaning toward, but you can pretty much take his exit from Detroit to the bank. Even if the Lions were to pull off the improbable this season and win the Super Bowl, it’s likely that Suh would just chalk it up as a nice way to leave town.

As for the question of which NY team is the best fit for the DT, it’s a little tricky. You’d think that a talent of his caliber would fit in anywhere, and while that’s partially true, it doesn’t mean that he’s a perfect match for the Giants or Jets.

The Giants could use him more. They’re a team in need of star power, and he’d be an upgrade along their d-line. In addition, the Giants also use the 4-3 scheme he’s familiar with.

But is Suh a Tom Coughlin kind of guy? Not really. Still, if he’s truly looking to improve his brand, wouldn’t a little more discipline and character go along way? Coughlin would be just the guy to help improve Suh’s ‘dirty player’ image.

If the former No. 2 overall pick isn’t worried about image, his heel persona no doubt fits much better with Rex Ryan and the Jets. He’s one of the NFL bad guys, something Ryan is much more likely to embrace. But football-wise, he’s not as good of a match.

The Jets don’t really need to upgrade along their defensive line. With young guns Sheldon Richardson and Damon Harrison already in place, the team could easily opt to spend its money on other areas of need next summer. Suh could be made to fit in. There’s always room for a star of his caliber. But is he going to be worth the hefty price tag?

Assuming that Suh does end up in New York next season, and if you had to place a bet on the team he’ll choose, the Giants make more sense overall.

But don’t rule out a full heel turn with the Jets.

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