Husain Abdullah Flagged on MNF for Praying After Pick Six

By RantSports Staff

Just when you thought the NFL couldn’t come up with any worse ways to flag players, they just outdid themselves.

During a Monday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots, Tom Brady was intercepted by Husain Abdullah, a devote Muslim. Abdullah ran the ball back for six points, and after finding the end zone, knelt down to pray after making such a huge play.

Surprisingly, Abdullah was subsequently flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after dropping down to his knees to pray. Regardless of your religion, this is simply unacceptable and deserves a sincere apology from the league. It was acceptable for Tim Tebow to pray after he scored touchdowns, so why isn’t it acceptable for Abdullah to do the same?

The religion or form of prayer shouldn’t matter. Either all prayer is acceptable or none is (when done within reason), although realistically it’s ridiculous to penalize someone for showing their faith on the field.

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