Mike Missanelli Makes Blunder By Mocking New York Giants' Victor Cruz Following Injury

By Dan Soden
Victor Cruz
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles often complain about the bad rap they’ve been given over the years, and who can blame them? No one ever wants to be “that guy,” but the Eagles have a crew of those guys who fill their stadium week in and week out spitting on players, throwing trash at opposing fans and not to mention they still wear G-Unit sneakers.

But when those fans turn on their own, you know that person said something despicable — enter Mike Missanelli.

Missanelli is a sports talk radio host at 97.5 The Fanatic out of Philadelphia and tonight, during the New York Giants versus the Eagles game, he said something so immature that even the Eagles fans turned on him.

Following Victor Cruz’s potential season-ending knee injury, Missanelli took to Twitter to mock the fan favorite.


Missanelli, like many on Twitter, think they can say anything they want in order to create a “buzz” around themselves and their product, but it sure did back fire on him.

Within minutes, and after countless negative tweets directed at his off-color joke, Missanelli apologized, stating that he didn’t see Cruz get hurt on the play. Of course, we should believe Missanelli — he seems like such a stand-up guy.

If I could channel my inner Bill Simmons, Missanelli is a liar. If you saw the play, you saw the injury. Cruz instantly grabbed his knee and was visibly in pain. It might be safe to say that just like Cruz’s season, Missanelli’s time on air is in jeopardy.

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