New York Jets Have Tough Decisions At QB For 2015

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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It’s no secret that if you’re rooting for a particular green and white professional football team these days, it’s been a tough year for you. The New York Jets have so far put up one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history and many want the season to be over as soon as possible. Many are screaming for the heads of Rex Ryan, John Idzik and even players too, but before things get too drastic, one must look at the common sense route.

Every team in the NFL should almost always have a veteran quarterback to help mold the younger ones and bring the right amount of experience needed to win when their number is called. It’s important to have a veteran quarterback just in case injuries happen, or like in the case of Geno Smith, a player gets into a steep decline and needs to be pulled out.

Quarterback Michael Vick has done well enough this season considering how things have gone for the Jets so far. While he’s not the same kind of athlete he was many years ago, at this point in time he gives the Jets a better chance to win football games than Smith. Considering everything, what should the Jets really do next season with their quarterback situation?

Needless to say, coaches, athletes and maybe even some higher-ups in the organization will most likely be relieved of their duties. It’s an ugly side of the business, but it needs to happen considering that the Jets have had another failure of a season. But at quarterback, the Jets should actually consider bringing Vick back next season on another short-term deal.

Smith needs another year away from the spotlight so he can properly be coached and trained towards success. Throwing a young quarterback to the wolves early on very rarely works unless that athlete is incredibly great. Smith could actually thrive as a backup quarterback at least for a year to learn from a veteran quarterback and develop what he needs to become a starter once again in the future.

Hopefully in an ideal situation, the Jets keep both quarterbacks and acquire the top quarterback available via the 2015 NFL Draft. That way they can have Vick be the starter, continue molding Smith and develop from scratch yet another possible franchise quarterback. Smith still has a good chance to be that for the Jets, but he needs a ton of work before he can prove himself again.

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