Indianapolis Colts' Arthur Jones Has Been Missed

By Bethany Robison
Arthur Jones Colts vs Broncos 2014
Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY SPORTS

Rumor has it that Indianapolis Colts defensive end Arthur Jones should be back on the field this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and given the team’s difficulties with the run last week against the New England Patriots, it’s none too soon.

Jones was one of the new recruits brought in this last offseason. He’s a Chuck Pagano guy of the Baltimore Ravens persuasion, known as a solid defender against the run. He was probably the new signing I was most excited to see when the season started. Colts fans were told all offseason how much we were going to love him, like they needed to be braced for the love-fest in order to survive it.

He’s got that winning smile, that personality, that brother who’s a UFC champion, and that defensive pedigree (and a Super Bowl ring to go with it). He came to Indianapolis because he wanted to be in Indianapolis, signing with the Colts “minutes into the free agency period.” It seemed like a marriage made in sports heaven.

But then he suffered a high ankle sprain in Week 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles, and rushed back to play in Week 8 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, injured it again. According to the Colts’ website, he’s participated in only 104 snaps this season. The poor guy has yet to even play in a Colts’ win.

In an admittedly up-and-down Colts season, the absence of Arthur Jones has been one of the most disappointing things to me. Obviously, it’s not his fault, but I was looking forward to the love fest. Maybe come the playoffs, we’ll find out if good things really do come to those who wait.

Jones signed a five-year deal with the Colts, and I saw nothing to indicate he’s labelled as injury-prone. If Indy truly plans any sort of playoffs push, they’re going to need him.

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