Chicago Bears Fans Stabbed By Other Bears Fans After Nice Comment About Green Bay Packers

By RantSports Staff
Chicago Bears fans
Getty Images

There were reports earlier today of Dallas Cowboys fans stabbing Chicago Bears fans in a parking lot after Thursday Night Football. But one of the victims says police have it all wrong. It turns out, a Green Bay Packers comment and other Bears fans are to blame for the unfortunate/sad incident.

Here’s what one of the stabbing victims told the Chicago Tribune:

“I was saying the Packers are awesome this year, why can’t I be born a Packers fan?”

The comment caught the attention of a few (what he believes were Chicago) fans passing by, who then approached the two eventual victims.

“I went to go shake hands but as soon as I did, his buddy came up and threw beer at my head. Beer got in my eyes and blinded me. Then everything went downhill. I was trying to defend myself and run away. I was running away, I remember.”

From there, he was able to escape with only a few minor knife cuts. But his friend wasn’t so lucky, as three of the men surrounded and stabbed him in the back eight or nine times.

“I guess they piled on him and I just ran around in circles. I couldn’t see. Three of his buddies attacked my one buddy.”

Luckily, both of the victims escaped serious injuries. They now have a ridiculous story to tell about the time they were attacked by their own fan base.

Remember, Chicago fans — only you can prevent Bear on Bear crime.

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