San Francisco 49ers Hilariously Mocked By Craigslist Ad for Offensive Coordinator

By Seth Lassen

The San Francisco 49ers are in complete disarray and look like a team with absolutely no plan in place since the firing, excuse me, “mutual parting of ways,” with Jim Harbaugh. Reports were that new head coach Jim Tomsula, recently promoted from defensive line coach over several more qualified candidates, had targeted Rob Chudzinski to replace Greg Roman as offensive coordinator.

The Indianapolis Colts promoted Chudzinski to the title of Associate Head Coach early on Tuesday, leaving the 49ers still searching for one of the most important pieces of their coaching staff. Shortly after the Chudzinski news broke, a job listing for “Offensive Coordinator – San Francisco 49ers” appeared on Craigslist.

The job description is full of comedy gold with great lines like, “Are you excited about a job in which you will have almost no voice and will be a puppet to the CEO and GM? Are there absolutely no other teams in the NFL who are interested in hiring you? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then keep reading!”

Note: Job listing has recently been pulled.

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