NBA Finals Help Unite Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

By Julie Swartz
NBA Finals Unite Baltimore and Cleveland Fans
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that both Cleveland and Baltimore fan bases loath the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well, that was illustrated quite clearly in Game 3 of the NBA Finals when the Cleveland Cavaliers displayed the Steelers logo and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger‘s face on the jumbotron to entice boos when the Golden State Warriors were at the free throw line. Did it work? Absolutely!

Any Baltimore Ravens players and fans watching this game had to appreciate the maneuver, with the hatred they feel for the Steelers. Ravens blogger Tyler Lombardi stated, “That is totally worth any criticism that the organization might receive from it.”

The crazy thing about it is, it actually affected the game. As a team, the Warriors only shot 58.3 percent from the free-throw line, as opposed to the 90.9 percent they shot in Game 1.

Of course, Pittsburgh fans and bloggers jumped all over Cleveland’s tactics, reminding them about their professional sports championship 50-plus year drought. But that was to be expected. I have to give Cleveland credit for carrying through with a plan that actually worked out.

In an indirect way, this act brought Cleveland and Baltimore fans together. I personally thought it was a brilliant and hilarious tactic, but then again, I’m a diehard Baltimore fan. Perhaps the Baltimore Orioles organization should take note of this and incorporate it into their games somehow to rattle opposing hitters.

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