Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor Already Forming Dynamic Duo for Philadelphia Eagles

By Troy Becker
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

When the Philadelphia Eagles let Jeremy Maclin sign with the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason, many people questioned what would become of the Eagles’ receiving corps. Maclin was the veteran of the bunch and had just enjoyed a career year in his first season back from an ACL tear. With Maclin out of the picture, it left veteran Riley Cooper and second-year men Josh Huff and Jordan Matthews as the only players with true offensive pedigree on the wide receiver spot. While Matthews had played better and better as the season went on and Huff had shown flashes of his potential, there was much uncertainty for the upcoming season. Those who questioned Chip Kelly and his decision to let Maclin walk were quickly silenced as the Eagles selected Nelson Agholor 20th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.

With Agholor now in the fold, the receiving core now has a strong, youthful look to it. Adding the playmaking Agholor to the tall and strong Matthews, as well as the quick and electric Huff, created a strong stable of pass-catchers with a variety of different strengths and talents. All three young receivers have excelled thus far in training camp and look poised for a big season in 2015.

From the minute Agholor was selected, Matthews was there to show him the ropes and the two have hit it off ever since. Matthews quickly got Agholor’s phone number and welcomed him to the team. After the initial congratulations, Matthews invited Agholor to dinner to start going over the playbook and prepare for the season. The two are wired the same way — very serious, polite and respectful with members of the media. Like Matthews, Agholor has a very high work ethic, evident by his decision to forgo the rookie shuttle bus during the team’s OTAs. Instead of taking the bus that the team provides, Agholor decided to take a taxi to the teams facilities so he could get an extra lift and film session in before his teammates arrive.

While the two were instantly working together to make one another better, it didn’t stop after the draft and OTAs. So far in training camp, both Matthews and Agholor are constantly seen after practice working on different routes and catching passes from the JUGS machine. The two often get extra workouts in together and still meet for dinner at Matthews’ house to go over the playbook and other football-related things.

It is encouraging from both a coaching and fan perspective to see the two young guys already becoming close to one another both on and off the field. For Agholor to have a friend and role model like Matthews will go far in both his football career and in life. For the Eagles to be successful this season, they will expect a lot from all three young guys, but especially Agholor and Matthews. The two of them will play major roles in Kelly’s offense this season. Fair or not, Agholor will often be compared to Maclin due to the timing of his addition to the team. While it may be big shoes to fill, it looks like Agholor is well on his way to filling in for the veteran. While it remains to be seen how well he will transition to the NFL, he has a perfect role model to follow in Matthews. One thing is for sure, the two are well on their way to being a dynamic duo in Philadelphia and catching touchdown passes together in midnight green for the next decade.

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