Dwayne Bowe Already Looking Like an Awful Investment for Browns

By Casey Drottar
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Looking to add some much-needed humor to your day?  Head to Rotoworld and look up Cleveland Browns receiver Dwayne Bowe.

As you’ll see, the latest update notes Bowe had a “minor setback” with the hamstring issue he’s been dealing with pretty much since the start of camp. Of course, the real money quote is the claim Bowe showed up to camp “severely overweight.”

Priceless. This all gets funnier – at least for everyone outside of Cleveland – when you remember the Browns gave Bowe $9 million guaranteed this season.

Yes, after a year of being chastised for not getting Cleveland any legitimate offensive play-makers, GM Ray Farmer went out and signed Bowe for more money than he’s probably worth. He did so after Bowe put forth a season without netting a single touchdown catch with the Kansas City Chiefs.

How does Bowe reward Farmer for the generosity? Well, apparently by showing up to training camp fat.

Though we’re only one week into the regular season, the returns on Bowe are already alarmingly bad. Unless the wideout goes through a massive turnaround and ends up proving Farmer was right to bring him in, odds certainly favor this looking like a terrible signing by Cleveland.

Make no mistake; the Browns have already given plenty of signs they aren’t terribly stoked with what they’ve seen from Bowe so far.

Despite having eight seasons of NFL experience under his belt, Cleveland had Bowe playing deep into the team’s final preseason game. Typically, this contest is reserved for players in danger of being cut, not guys who’ve played as long as Bowe has.

Even worse, rumors were swirling regarding the idea Bowe had to show the team something in that game, otherwise he might have been cut. Though he made the final roster, Bowe was placed third on the receiving depth chart.

Again, this isn’t what you see happen to one of your marquee free agent signings.

Sure, NFL teams have big free agent acquisitions turn out to be busts all the time. But, this early? Is it typically this degrading that said player shows up chubby and has to prove his worth in the least important game of the offseason?

Bowe may be coming off a little entitled by not staying in shape and not really doing much to impress the coaching staff on those rare days he wasn’t sore. At the same time, the Browns certainly helped inflate his head a bit before signing him.

As mentioned, the team offered Bowe $9 million guaranteed without him playing a single down in brown and orange.  The front office did so after keeping him in Cleveland talking contracts for an entire day, almost refusing to let him walk without one. The team did this kind of thing for a player the market wasn’t exactly hot on. Nobody else was beating down the door trying to prevent the Browns from signing him.

So, in a sense, you could see why Bowe would be so leisurely when it comes to his place on the team. He could spend the entire season nursing the same hamstring, yet he’d still be $9 million richer. It’s the kind of thing that could explain why, midway through last week, Bowe was told by the Browns they expect more out of him than what they’re getting.

Nobody knows if this is actually Bowe’s attitude except him. At the same time, nothing he’s done since arriving in Cleveland implies otherwise.

Yet, this was the big addition to the Browns’ depleted wide receiving corps. Bowe was Farmer’s answer to critics who felt there were no top-tier – and appropriately sized – wideouts on Cleveland’s roster. Someone who showed little discipline the second he arrived to camp. Someone who needs to play late into the most useless preseason game. Someone who, despite his contract, was placed at the bottom of the depth chart.

Maybe Bowe surprises everyone and, when finally healthy, shows his worth. I personally am not holding my breath, though. We’re just days into the regular season, and Bowe is already a massive disappointment.

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