Fire Alarm Takes Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks Rivalry To Next Level

By Jason Fletcher
Fire Alarm
Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks have a budding rivalry after facing each other in each of the last four regular seasons and during last year’s NFC Divisional Round. Unfortunately for the Panthers, the Seahawks have won the previous four meetings and are favored in today’s game.

At approximately 5:40 a.m. PT on Sunday morning, a prankster we can only assume is a Seahawks fan decided to take the rivalry to another level as the unknown assailant pulled the fire alarm on the 16th floor, which just so happened to be the floor where the Panthers were staying. As you can imagine, the Panthers were not happy to be awoken before the crack of dawn on game day:



Whoever pulled the fire alarm on the 16th floor . . . not cool.

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