Philadelphia Eagles Do Nothing To Take Advantage Of Golden Opportunity

By Geoffrey Knox
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into Sunday’s game, there were question marks surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles. Throughout this season, they hadn’t done much in the first quarter of games. They made a point to change that today by starting quickly, and what resulted was their fastest start to a game this season. Unfortunately for fans, they decided to take the remainder of the first half and the entire second half off. This team hasn’t put together a full game all season.

Truthfully, the Eagles need a lot of things. They need consistent play at the quarterback position. They need to put a fullback on the field. The theory, at the beginning of the year, was Chip Kelly wanted to become more physical by going out and getting big receivers and taller corner backs. He dismissed fan favorite LeSean McCoy in favor of adding a bruising running back like DeMarco Murray. They got rid of Brandon Boykin, who was clearly their best in coverage. If being more physical was the plan, then it’s hard to understand why they operate almost exclusively from the shotgun on offense and run sweep plays to Murray, who is better suited to run downhill. Just lining up with the quarterback under center, and letting Murray follow the fullback into the hole seems more sensible.

They’re starting to find the tight ends now. That’s smart; but following a second-half injury to Sam Bradford, many Eagle fans got their wish as Mark Sanchez took the field. That didn’t really help the cause much. Last week’s euphoria of their overtime win has now been replaced by that same feeling of frustration that has plagued this team throughout the first half of this year’s campaign. The defense is the only reason this team is in games late, but they can neither stay on the field the entire time, like they’ve been asked to do too often, or continue to be put in positions where they have to force multiple turnovers every game. Doing the latter is normally the reason this team has been successful when they’ve had success.

The Eagles lose at home to a team that doesn’t have a real head coach. It doesn’t appear that anybody wants to win the NFC East.

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