Kansas City Chiefs Can't Afford To Lose Eric Berry Over 2016 Offseason

By Brendan Patel

Eric Berry was one of the best stories this season, coming back from health issues as one of the top defenders in the game. He was one of the leaders on a very good Kansas City Chiefs defense, and the organization will need to find a way to keep him for the future. He is one of best safeties in the NFL and is a big-time playmaker for this defense.

Berry’s ability to do it all on defense is very unique and makes him virtually irreplaceable. He can move into the box as an extra defender, helping in run support, and is a very good tackler, capable of being physical and taking on blockers while being nimble enough to take down opponents in open space. He can play deep if necessary, but is also very good at matching up against players in the slot. There are a lot of very good tight ends in the league, and Berry is capable of playing them one on one.

Berry certainly won’t come cheap, and the Chiefs will have a lot of roster decisions to make. They have spent money on other stars and might need to let go of certain key players, but Berry is worth it. He can do so many things on defense and be placed all over the field. He is strong, fast and understands the game at an elite level. He is still in his prime and will probably get even better. It is difficult to find top playmakers on defense, and the Chiefs need to do what they can to keep theirs.

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