Chase Daniel Is Not A Slam Dunk Option For Philadelphia Eagles

By Doug Green

The Philadelphia Eagles brought Doug Pederson in to coach from the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason. With him the Eagles are hoping for a fresh start to a franchise that seems to have all the potential in the world already on the roster.

One name that’s been linked heavily to this new start is Chase Daniel, Alex Smith’s backup in Kansas City and someone who Pederson seems to think can be much more than just a backup. While that makes Daniel coming to Philadelphia seem like a very realistic option, I don’t think it’s very likely at all.

There are a few reason why I think Daniel will stay put. First off, the Eagles may have a starting quarterback vacancy to offer Daniel in 2016, but rest assured the team is looking to the draft for a future franchise player. That reality makes a move to Philadelphia pretty much a lateral move for Daniel. Yes, he gets to start for a year, but after that year he’s all but locked back into a backup role.

Daniel may be clamoring for a chance to start somewhere, but then you have to realize that the Chiefs are far better equipped for a Super Bowl run than are the Eagles. Daniel would be leaving a team that proved they can be serious postseason players to a team that’s in the midst of a recharge.  I don’t know that Daniel would consider one year of starting an acceptable payoff for leaving a team that’s not that far off the championship mark. Backup players on a Super Bowl winning team are still Super Bowl winners, and I have to imagine that would factor into his decision in a big way.

Of course all this would change if Pederson was talking about Daniel as the long-term answer, not just a bridge to a rookie taking over. But so far all the reports are that while Pederson loves Daniel’s upside, there’s no inkling that he thinks Daniel is the final answer.

Finally, and this part hurts to say, but the Eagles aren’t going to turn it all around in one year. They’re not going to go from 7-9 to 13 wins overnight and become a legitimate contender all of a sudden. Daniel’s one year of starting service isn’t bringing that success overnight.

In the end I think coming to Philadelphia isn’t all that appealing for Daniel. Whatever taste he gets of regular action will most likely be gone as quickly as it came. Then he’s back to the bench with a headset, and for what? I think the Eagles are going to be very actively targeting their quarterback draft prospect and I can’t see Daniel agreeing to uproot himself to play babysitter.

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