Laremy Tunsil Should Be Tennessee Titans' No. 1 Draft Target Following 2016 NFL Combine

By Taylor Sturm

The Tennessee Titans earned the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft with a dismal performance last season, but the future is bright thanks to the play of quarterback Marcus Mariota.

That being said, the Titans must focus on protecting Mariota in both the 2016 NFL Draft and free agency if they want his success to continue. Ole Miss left tackle Laremy Tunsil is rated as the best player in the draft on most big boards, and Tennessee would make a horrible decision by missing out on this player. The Titans needs help at multiple positions, especially on offense, but Mariota cannot get the ball to any receivers while on the ground.

I love Jalen Ramsey as much as anybody, but the Titans have to focus on protecting Mariota first and the defense second. The offensive line has been horrible over the last few seasons and, personally, I believe Jake Locker’s injury woes and Chris Johnson’s rapid decline had more to do with the lack of blockers and bad coaching than anything else. If Mariota does not have time in the pocket to throw, it will not matter how good the defense is; the Titans will continue to lose.

The arrival of Tunsil might force Taylor Lewan to move positions, but I believe Lewan will be able to shift over for the time being. If the Titans cannot trade down, Tunsil is a must-draft player for Tennessee, because sometimes drafting the best player overall is far more important than reaching to fill a need.

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