Brent Grimes' Wife Goes On Twitter Rampage Following Release, Scares Suitors Away

By Timothy Downs

The Miami Dolphins recently asked veteran cornerback Brent Grimes to take a paycut in order to remain with the team. Grimes declined and was subsequently released.

From the start of this situation, Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero indicated the Dolphins’ motive for the move wasn’t about Grimes’ abilities on the field, but was more of a result of the erratic behavior of his wife, Miko, who has been drenched in controversy over the last year.

Not only has Miko ripped Dolphins players on Twitter on a number of occasions, but she was also arrested outside of Sun Life Stadium last September for trespassing and had to be subdued by police.

As you can expect, Salguero’s report didn’t go over swimmingly with Miko, and she didn’t hold back in her response on Twitter. She even went as far as seemingly threatening to shoot Salguero. Here’s a loot at her incredibly NSFW tweets.

This is just a sample size of what you can expect to see if you follow Miko on Twitter, so it’s perfectly understandable why NFL front offices are apprehensive about signing her husband.

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