Indianapolis Colts In Trouble At Inside Linebacker Position

By Kyle Nishida

With starting inside linebacker Jerrell Freeman signing with the Chicago Bears, the Indianapolis Colts now need to replacement. This won’t be easy because the Colts don’t currently have a proven replacement on their roster, and they are being very cautious with signing free agents.

With inside starting inside linebacker D’Qwell Jackson occupying one spot, the Colts currently have two candidates who could be the other starter. The first is Nate Irving, who the Colts signed to a three-year contract in 2015. The only issue with Irving is that he is injured often. in 2015, he struggled to recover from a 2014 ACL tear and dealt with a recurring wrist injury. The other player the Colts have is Sio Moore, who they received in a trade with the Oakland Raiders. Moore has talent, but he also has character and off-field concerns. 

The Colts could go out and sign a free agent, but it will have to be at a low price. Indiana has been very cautious about spending money this offseason. They have re-signed a few of their free agents to favorable deals, but have been relatively inactive outside of that.

Freeman’s departure puts the Colts in a tough predicament, and it remains to be seen whether or not they will be adding a starter or another player to increase their depth. Ultimately, it might be best for the Colts to let Irving and Moore battle it out for the vacant starting spot.

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