Jared Goff Should Be Los Angeles Rams’ Pick With No. 1 Overall Pick In 2016 NFL Draft

By Jacob Camenker

By now, every NFL fan is aware of the massive trade that the Los Angeles Rams swung to get them the top overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. What is not currently known is who the pick will be. The Rams are reportedly considering taking one of two quarterbacks, Carson Wentz from North Dakota State or Jared Goff from California. While neither quarterback is a proven commodity, the team should strongly consider taking Goff, as he would be the best fit for the franchise.

Goff had a terrific three-year career at California and was considered by many to be the most pro-ready quarterback heading into the 2015 college football season. Goff impressed many during his third year starting and put together the best stat line of his college career, boasting a 64.5 percent completion rate, throwing for over 4,700 yards and adding a ridiculous 43 touchdowns.

Goff had numerous big games for the Golden Bears, and he demonstrated that he had the ability to be an NFL quarterback. He was able to make every throw on the field, whether it was a deep ball, a touch pass, or a throw into a tight window. He really looked like a top prospect on the field.

However, as the draft process has gone on, Wentz has been rising up boards. He has prototypical size for an NFL quarterback, and he did have a solid career at North Dakota State. The main concern with Wentz is that he played at the FCS level and also only was a full-time starter for two seasons. Granted, it is still enough experience to get a solid sample, but Goff has more tape to evaluate.

The Rams’ choice is not going to be easy, but I firmly believe that Goff is the best fit for their team. They already have a strong running game thanks to Todd Gurley, and they need to make sure they add a solid quarterback so that he can have more space to run. While Goff’s upside is lower than that of Wentz, the former has a higher floor and will be at least a high-quality game manager at the next level. He could rejuvenate the Rams’ offense and possibly help take them to the playoffs in the future.

Also, Goff has more name recognition in California than Wentz. Simply put, the Rams need a face of the franchise guy that the Los Angeles fans can rally around. As a team that is new to the area, they need to get all the support they can. Goff was born and raised in California and played college ball there, so having him play quarterback for the state’s newest team is a story that would get fans talking.

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