Baltimore Ravens Selecting OT Ronnie Stanley Over OT Laremy Tunsil Is Baffling

By Jacob Camenker

In a shocking move, the Baltimore Ravens took Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley over Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil. It was widely considered that Tunsil would be the better of the two prospects, but he inexplicably has fallen behind Stanley. While Stanley may end up being a solid pro, there is nothing to suggest that he will be a better player than Tunsil.

Stanley was a really solid left tackle during his playing days at Notre Dame, but during draft season he was not all that impressive. His interviews were only okay, and many wondered whether or not he actually loved football enough to be a solid pro. In workouts, he looked pretty good but Tunsil still outperformed him in that regard. Stanley is just not better than Tunsil. He is less talented. He is softer than him. He only had one area in which he beat Tunsil — character.

Tunsil reportedly had some character and durability concerns heading into the draft. He had been injured at the end of the season, and he was involved in a couple of off-the-field incidents that really hurt his stock. The first was the alleged assault of his stepfather that occurred in August before his final year at Ole Miss. The other was the incident in which teammate Robert Nkemdiche fell out of a window after trying to avoid an arrest. It was reported that Tunsil was possibly involved in that, which may have scared some evaluators off.

Regardless of those concerns, there is no doubt that Tunsil should have gone to the Ravens instead of Stanley. I just do not think Stanley will be as good of a pro as Tunsil.

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