Carolina Panthers' Shaq Thompson Cited For Role In Head-On Collision That Seriously Injured Former Duke QB Anthony Boone

By Jason Fletcher

Carolina Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson was cited for crossing the center line after he collided head-on with a vehicle driven by former Duke quarterback Anthony Boone early Sunday morning near Weddington, N.C. Thompson told police he was not seriously injured, but Boone had to be hospitalized with a broken pelvis and broken ribs.

When cops arrived on the scene, Thompson was given a breathalyzer test which turned up traces of alcohol, but the levels were well below the legal limit according to TMZ.

“He had some residual left over from the night before, but nothing where it was impairing or anything like that,” Sgt. Ben Miller of the State Highway’s Union County told the Charlotte Observer.

Cops also told TMZ that Thompson told them he had been playing music on his phone, but dropped it. He made the decision to bend down and grab it and that’s when he went over the center line.

Both cars attempted to swerve, but ended up hitting head-on. Boone was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the collision.

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