Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley Makes Strange, Hypocritical Comments About Injuries In Football

By Jacob Camenker

The Buffalo Bills have gotten a lot of media attention over the past two seasons, and once again their organization is making headlines. This time, the story is about current GM Doug Whaley who is on thin ice for the team. Facing a make-or-break season, Whaley needs his team to make the postseason to keep his job, but he is not helping their cause at the moment thanks to some comments he made about injuries in football.

In an interview with WGR 550 radio, Whaley had the following to say about the sport: “This is the game of football. Injuries are part of it. It’s a violent game that I personally don’t think humans are supposed to play.” This was in response to questions about Sammy Watkins’ recent surgery to repair a broken foot as well as other injury issues across the roster.

These types of comments are nothing new for the NFL. After all, the sport is violent and players do face a lot of injury concerns during a given season. However, these comments coming from a GM is something that has not happened yet, and I find it to be a little hypocritical.

While it is nice that Whaley is demonstrating a concern for player health and safety, the nature of his comments are a bit odd. I mean, Whaley is controlling the roster for the Bills, yet he does not think that humans should be playing football. That is about as contradictory as things can get. Whaley could have said something different and less extreme about player safety. There was no real need to say that humans should not play the sport.

This may actually also hurt the Bills organization in free agency. Buffalo is already not the most desirable spot in the league due to the cold weather, but now having a GM who does not think people should be playing football may be a turn-off.

At the end of the day, Whaley’s comments were just not a good move by him. He should have phrased what he said differently or not said anything at all. This is just going to give the Bills unnecessary attention and distract the team heading into an important season.

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