Walt Anderson's Crew Not Disciplined for MNF Blunders

By gilgerard

According to ESPN, The NFL did not discipline Walt Anderson’s Crew for their ridiculous botched calls at the end of the first half of the Bills and Seahawks Monday Night game.

In case you need a reminder, Richard Sherman not only went offsides on Dan Carpenter’s last second Field Goal attempt at the end of the first half, but he clearly targeted Carpenter’s legs and took him out since the refs failed to blow the whistle. There was no call except for being offside. Even the league tweeted later during the game that the play should have seen an additional flag on Sherman for unnecessary roughness. Not only did the non-call lead to Carpenter being forced to come off the field for a play since the trainers came out to attend to him (kudos to a brilliant move by Rex Ryan and his staff to spike the ball so Carpenter could come back out), but then after the spike, the refs stood over the ball until 4 seconds on the play clock, didn’t reset it, and called a delay of game on the Bills.

How a team of referees could botch all those calls is baffling. The referee who was standing over the ball with 4 seconds left on the play clock had every opportunity to tell the crew to pick up the flag, and the back judge was clearly signaling to reset it as the whistle was blowing, but he too decided to not say anything.

The NFL had every opportunity to make the right move here by disciplining the refs. But, in all honesty, at this point are we surprised that the NFL yet again did the wrong thing? The league office is beyond tone-deaf. Back to fining players for wearing improper colored shoes, making us need a team of lawyers to determine if something is a catch, and not letting players dunk a ball over the goalposts.

You say that ratings are down?


According to ProFootballTalk.com, Richard Sherman was fined $9,115 for the hit.

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