Robert Griffin III Nearly Comes to Blows With Another Runner While Training at Florida State

By Jason Fletcher

Shortly after splitting from his wife and mother of his child, Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III began dating Florida State track athlete Grete Sadeiko. The two have been together since last summer and seem to be doing well as Griffin III has been down in Tallahassee training with Sadeiko recently.

Unfortunately, things nearly got out of hand during a recent workout on the Florida State track as a guy tried to mix things up with Griffin III and the former NFL Rookie of the Year had to be held back by Sadeiko.

“The [other guy] got heated and got way too close to [Robert] but Robert didn’t touch the guy not once nor put his hands on him,” Sadeiko told TMZ.

“The guy tried to approach him again while Robert was walking away. I went between so the guy wouldn’t do anything stupid and that was the end of it.”

TMZ released video of the alleged altercation:

Thankfully, it seems cooler heads prevailed.

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