NFL Rumors: 'Belief' That DeSean Jackson Will Sign With Tampa Bay Buccaneers

By Jason Fletcher

Last season, DeSean Jackson caught 56 balls for 1,005 yards for four touchdowns while playing for the Washington Redskins. At 30 years old, Jackson will now hit the free agent market and, according to Draft Analyst’s Tony Pauline, league personnel believe that DeSean will end up signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


It’s a bit surprising to hear that things are far enough along already that sources already feel this strongly about Jackson joining the Buccaneers, but the fit makes a lot of sense. Tampa Bay desperately needs a receiver opposite of Mike Evans to take away double teams and blow the top off of defenses. Jackson would certainly be able to check both those boxes.

Adding a weapon like DeSean Jackson would also only help third-year quarterback Jameis Winston as he progresses in the NFL. Winston has kept his eyes locked on Evans through the first two seasons of his career which has led to forced passes and turnovers. With Jackson in the fold, things could be looking up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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