Cleveland Browns Make Brilliant Acquisition in Deal for Brock Osweiler

By Jason Fletcher

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the shocking news of a trade between the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns on Thursday afternoon. In the deal, the Texans will receive a 2017 fourth-round pick in exchange for quarterback Brock Osweiler, a 2017 sixth-round pick and a 2018 second-round pick.

Immediate reaction on Twitter was not good for the Browns as many fans began to ridicule them for acquiring one of the worst quarterbacks in football in 2016 and a guy that threw more interceptions than touchdowns. But upon further inspection, the Cleveland Browns come away from this deal looking like geniuses.


Although Osweiler has three more years left on his contract, the only money that’s guaranteed is his $16 million salary for 2017. That allows the Browns to either release him immediately and pay him the $16 million as they have loads of cap space or they could keep him and let him compete and possibly win the starting job for 2017 when the team isn’t expected to compete for a playoff spot anyways.

Either way, the Browns just picked up another second-round pick to continue building for the future and the team now has 11 selections in each of the next two drafts.

And it gets better.

Schefter is also reporting that teams have already been in contact with the Browns about Osweiler’s availability. With the team likely having no interest in starting him next season, the Browns could deal Brock to another team and collect more assets to continue building.


Couple this trade with the improvements made along the offensive line and signing of Kenny Britt, and things are suddenly beginning to look good for Cleveland.

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