Richard Sherman Trade Rumors Ramping Up as Seattle Seahawks Acknowledge 'The News Is Real'

By Anthony Blake

At a time of year when most NFL front offices are tight-lipped about their intentions, the Seattle Seahawks have breathed a refreshing air of honesty into the proceedings regarding the trade rumors surrounding cornerback Richard Sherman.

Now, after general manager John Schneider told the Brock and Salk Show that “what you’ve seen lately in the news is real” and “that’s on both sides,” it seems like a call to the New England Patriots may be coming.

If you think about it, it actually makes sense on both sides.

If Sherman wants out of Seattle and the Seahawks are tired of his antics, then what better place than New England, a franchise that’s made a legacy out of turning other teams’ castoffs into stars?

And with the Pats shopping Malcolm Butler around the league already this offseason, perhaps a dream pairing of offseason signing Stephon Gilmore and Sherman would bring Bill Belichick and Tom Brady yet another ring.

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