Green Bay Packers Fan Gets Crazy Tattoo Of Aaron Rodgers Wearing A Jock Strap

By Timothy Downs

We all have that one person in our lives who simply takes sports fandom a tad too far.

Well, some will say this Green Bay Packers fan who got a tattoo of Aaron Rodgers wearing a jock strap is that person times infinity…

A post shared by Alisha Rice (@alisharice) on

Apparently, the tattoo artist who did the ink and posted the video to Instagram has received a plethora of backlash.

From Alisha Rice’s Instagram:

I’d like to to thank the Internet and the bloggers that brought homophobic football fans and armchair tattoo critiques to my door. I am happy with the results and so is the client. You may not understand why someone would want a hunky football player tattoo, but tattooing is personal. This tattoo is a celebration of identity, home, and team. That’s it! Hate and bigotry are not welcome here.

While it probably seems excessive to many, all we can really say is to each their own…

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