Denver Broncos Hope Jamaal Charles Can Bring Explosiveness to Lackluster Offense

By Anthony Blake

Now that the 2017 NFL Draft is in the rear view mirror, many teams will feel comfortable filling their remaining needs with the cast of characters left on the free agency market.

Well, the Denver Broncos did just that to fill their need at running back with Jamaal Charles, and his AFC West defection could prove to be a worthwhile gamble for a team in need of a spark on offense.

Stealing Charles from the rival Kansas City Chiefs may be the biggest coup for the Broncos in this deal, as GM John Elway expressed.

It’s easy to dismiss this move as insignificant, given that Charles has played just eight games over the past two seasons due to serious knee injuries and that he’s now 30 years of age, but he still brings the threat of going the distance any time he touches the ball.

Denver sure could use a player like that on their offense.

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