Buccaneers Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick as Jameis Winston's Backup Without Even Considering Colin Kaepernick

By Anthony Blake

The volume level of the Colin Kaepernick blackball chorus is about to rise after Ryan Fitzpatrick found work as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup without even considering the kneeling QB.

Jameis Winston is the entrenched starter in Tampa so maybe that was the thinking, but still, it seems weird that the interception-prone bearded signal-caller would find a gig before Kaepernick.

If you look at raw numbers from 2016, Fitzpatrick’s 12 touchdowns to 17 interceptions look atrocious compared to Kaepernick’s 16 TDs and just 4 INTs.

The only sticking point may be monetary, as Fitzpatrick’s deal was just one year for $3 million while Kaepernick was reportedly still asking for $9-10 million per season.

That’s a little too rich for a controversial NFL backup.

Maybe the Seattle Seahawks are the last hope of Kaepernick landing on a roster in 2017.

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