J.J. Watt Rips NFL Network Over His Ranking On 'Top 100 Players Of 2017' List

By Timothy Downs

The NFL Network has been counting down its ‘NFL Top 100 Players Of 2017‘ list of late and, as usual, it’s ginning up debate.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s supposedly solely based on votes from active NFL players.

Despite only playing in three games last season due to an injury, Houston Texans DE/LB J.J. Watt earned the No. 35 spot.

Although it’s still fair to argue Watt possesses enough talent to land where he did even coming off a three-game season, he was apparently appalled that he was given as much credit as he was, and decided to publicly rip the list via Twitter.

It’s refreshing to see a superstar athlete wanting to earn his accolades instead of being handed them for change…

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