Seahawks' Richard Sherman Blasts Reporters Over Fake News Rumors

By Timothy Downs

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is never one to bite his tongue, and stayed true to his modus operandi while speaking to reporters this week.

From TheBigLead:

When you live in the new landscape of media, great reporters and great journalists have a hard time making a living, because they can create great stories about guys and their backgrounds, about a competitive team that goes at it every day, Pete’s philosophy, etc., etc., but it wouldn’t get a lot of clicks because it’s not controversial enough.

In the modern-day, 24-hour internet news cycle, the credibility of anonymous sources comes into question on a regular basis.

We see this mainly in political reporting, but professional sports is no exception.

That doesn’t mean there’s zero truth to the rumors of a divided locker room in Seattle. But it’s fair to assume the schism was grossly exaggerated.



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