Jay Cutler Joins Desperate Miami Dolphins After Ryan Tannehill Injury

By Anthony Blake

The Miami Dolphins reek of desperation very early in this NFL season, as the signing of the beleaguered Jay Cutler to play quarterback in the wake of the Ryan Tannehill injury just doesn’t seem right.

But at least he loves Dolphins…

Who’s pumped for Jay Cutler in Miami?

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But in all seriousness, $10 million on a one-year deal is absurd for a guy who’s played as poorly as Cutler in recent years.

His eight seasons with the Chicago Bears saw Cutler be sacked 251 times while throwing 154 touchdowns to 109 interceptions and fumbling on 16 occasions.

Aquatic mammal lover or not, his affiliation with Dolphins head coach Adam Gase won’t mean jack playing behind yet another shoddy offensive line in Miami.

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