Dolphins' Jay Cutler Says He Doesn't Need To Be In Good Shape To Play Quarterback

By Timothy Downs

The Miami Dolphins had no choice but to add a quarterback following Ryan Tannehill‘s unfortunate, non-contact injury in training camp last week.

Due to his familiarity with Adam Gase‘s system dating back to their time together with the Chicago Bears, the Dolphins decided retired Jay Cutler, who likely hasn’t kept himself in playing shape this offseason considering he was beginning his broadcasting career with Fox, was their best option.

While speaking to reporters on Monday, Cutler made sure to let everyone know they shouldn’t worry, as he simply doesn’t need to be in great cardiovascular shape in order to play (some would say at a mediocre at best level) quarterback.

You can watch the entirety of Cutler’s first presser with the Dolphins below.

The internet has had a ton of fun since Cutler made his triumphant return to the NFL.

And it should continue all season…


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